Intel introduces its new Rocket Lake-S 11th gen processors

We already have with us the new 11th gen Intel Core-S series processors designed for gaming and home desktop work, a very wide range with options for everyone, but it is difficult to compete against the AMD Ryzen 5000.

These new Rocket Lake-S processors based on Cypress Cove architecture, still manufactured in 14nm, are designed to obtain maximum performance in video games, improving their predecessors by up to 19% IPC (instructions per cycle), they also have Intel Xe integrated graphics, which we saw in detail a few months ago.

intel gen11 Rocket Lake s n00

Undoubtedly the flagship of this new generation of Intel processors will be the Intel Core i9-11900K which has eight cores and 16 threads reaching up to 5.3 GHz and 16 megabytes of Intel Smart Cache and supports fast memory speeds with DDR4-3200. We will have to see how the temperatures are because with 14nm and that power we are going to need a good heatsink. For a user looking for a tighter cost/performance the Core i5 will be a better solution.

Model Cores / Threads Freq. TPD
Core i9-11900K 8/16 3.50/5.30 GHz 125W
Core i9-11900KF 8/16 3.50/5.30 GHz 125W
Core i9-11900 8/16 2.50/5.20 GHz 65W
Core i7-11700K 8/16 3.60/4.90 GHz 125W
Core i7-11700KF 8/16 3.60/4.90 GHz 125W
Core i7-11700 8/16 2.50/4.90 GHz 65W
Core i5-11600K 6/12 3.90/4.90 GHz 125W
Core i5-11600KF 6/12 3.90/4.90 GHz 125W
Core i5-11500 6/12 2.70/4.60 GHz 65W
Core i5-11400 6/12 2.60/4.40 GHz 65W
Core i5-11400F 6/12 2.60/4.40 GHz 65W

In the integrated graphics aspect the new Intel Xe offers 50% more performance compared to the outdated Intel HD Graphics that are still maintained in some processors of this brand, although fortunately not in this new Rocket Lake S series.

These new ones for Gaming have a flexible overcloking system that allows you to adjust the performance to the maximum, we also have memory overclocking in real time that allows you to change the frequency of the DDR4 on the fly. We require a motherboard with H570 and B560 chipsets that also incorporate PCIe 4.0 support as a novelty.

intel gen11 Rocket Lake s n01

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