Jaster the cheapest 1TB 2.5″ SSD’s on Aliexpress

Today we put the magnifying glass on the cheapest 1 TB capacity 2.5 inch SSD drives that we can find in the popular online store Aliexpress.com.

Storage units that due to their capacity and speed are becoming a valid alternative as secondary units to store massive data. With this 1 TB capacity we find a disc from the Chinese brands JASTER that with a price of around $80 can serve us perfectly as secondary storage units for any laptop, mini PC or TV-Box.

jaster ssd


The 1 TB JASTER SSD has a SATA3 interface, a 2.5″ format and speeds reach 545 Mbs in reading and 500 Mbs in writing. The controller is a Phison and the memories used are TLC, one of the most used at present in the home user segment.

Price and availability

  • The 1 TB JASTER SSD can be purchased on Aliexpress.com for $79.60 with free shipping, using the store’s discount coupon.



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I bought a 1TB MLLSE brand SSD on aliexpress and it turned out to be a fake product with capacity well below 1TB (really 128GB). The capacity is manipulated via software. As soon as I installed the operating system and began to partially fill it with video files of complete series or movies over 300GB, the disk stopped being detected by the laptop and when trying to install the operating system again on the 1TB SSD disk the capacity was now 0GB. It is a fraudulent product and a scam. Do not buy any disc of the MLLse brand as… Read more »


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