Jumper EZBook X1, the Chinese notebooks with Gemini Lake processor are coming

At the end of the holiday period after the Chinese New Year, the technology innovations are not long in coming and today we find the first Chinese brand laptop that adopts an Intel Gemini Lake chip in its configuration. The Jumper EZBook X1 is a small format laptop with metallic body with Windows 10 that includes a Celeron processor of last generation, a device with a somewhat basic configuration that comes at a very high price and noncompetitive at this time. We hope that in the coming weeks as new models arrive on the market the price will drop substantially.

Jumper EZBook X1 Intel windows

Jumper EZBook X1 includes an Intel Celeron N4100 processor from the family Gemini Lake manufactured in 14nm that includes 4 cores capable of reaching 2.40Ghz in turbo mode and that integrates an Intel UHD Graphics GPU with 12EU, a maximum speed of 700mhz and that It is capable of playing 4K@60fps video. It also includes 4 GB of DDR4 RAM, 64 GB of eMMc storage memory, WiFi aC, Bluetooth 4.0, 9000 mAh battery. The touch screen is an IPS with 11.6 inches and a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels and that is accompanied at the top by a 2MP webcam with microphone included. At connectivity level we have a USB Type-C port for power, a USB 3.0, audio jack, miniHDMI output and microSD card reader.

The keyboard is with English distribution although the seller offers a free stickers kit for different languages. The keyboard includes a touchpad where there is also a fingerprint reader.

  • The Jumper EZBook X1 can be purchased on Aliexpress.com from about $424.27 including shipping.

Jumper EZBook X1

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