JustWatch the easiest way to find where to watch TV Shows or movies

Every day it is more complex to find where to watch any series or movie in streaming services because of the growing number of providers we have, using the free service JustWatch we can find among all of them where the content is. Undoubtedly a very useful service today and soon will be more necessary with the emergence of more operators such as Disney + and Apple + for example.

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We can use the JustWatch service from their website directly or with your apps for Android or iOS. In all the platforms we have the same system, we just need to start typing the name of what we are looking for (in English or another language) and it will automatically give us the result, we can also search for actors, directors or any figure of the technical sheet. If we click on the result it will show us in what services we can see it and the price if it is on demand, we are also offered an explanatory summary of the content and the video trailer if it is available.

To use JustWatch it is not necessary to create any user account, but if we create it we can have a list of series in follow-up, add future releases or receive alerts of the contents that interest us among other options. As we can see we have all the most popular services such as Netflix, HBO, Prime Video, Filmin, Youtube Premium, Hulu, Roku, Google, Apple, CBS, Playstation, Microsoft, CW and Stazs among others. You will tell us how you like this service and if you know alternatives.

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