Kitcast, a good solution for Android TV Digital Signage

Every day the Android TV platform is more and more popular, thanks to this we have solutions like Kitcast taking advantage of this environment. A very flexible digital signage content creation and management system.

Thanks to the simplicity of the Android TV interface, all users can use this platform from minute one. We will only have to create our Kitcast account from a compatible Android TV or Apple TV device, access with our user and send the digital signage content to the selected digital screen.


Kitcast Android TV is Pretty Adaptable

There are several ways to get your content onto your digital screens. Plus, if you pair up and screen cast to several TVs or digital signs, then you can have your digital signs running the same content at the same time. The methods by which you your get your information on the screen is pretty diverse, which means there is more than one way to get your content on your screens. You can add the app Kitcast to your device, with this app are easy to centralize your content and control it from one place.

You can operate your Kitcast software on a Windows PC or Apple Mac, and still have it connect and work perfectly with an Android TV sign. This is because the Android TV system is adaptable enough to allow cross platform programs. This is no big deal these days, but just a few years ago, having cross platform software was very difficult to pull off. It was only a few years ago when the Arkham Batman game worked on consoles, but they couldn’t get it to work on PCs. That was just a few years ago, and that was a mainstream AAA game. Knowing you can run your Android TV with software that runs across various platforms and operating systems is very reassuring, especially if you have a mixed bag of digital signage hardware.

Kitcast installation Options

You can buy an Android TV, which allows you to run the Android operating system on your TV and install all the apps you wish. You can buy the set-top box, which streams information (be it the digital sign content you send or various other recorded/live content). Then there are the Android sticks that try to turn a regular digital sign or TV into an Android device with Kitcast. The devices are adaptable, and part of the reason for that is due to how you may turn various TVs and digital signs into an Android TV by various installation methods.

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Android Performance

There is also the fact that various operating systems and even cloud based systems are prone to outages, stalls, freezes, delays and various other problems. Android isn’t anything special, but like Windows and iOS, it is very well tested. The problems it has often are ironed out within a few days. This means you won’t have days of outages while you try to figure out which update affected which element of your digital sign system. There is also the fact that Android TV doesn’t demand a lot of processing power, which also saves on energy. It also means you don’t need to rely on cloud computing or have to rely on having several processing units dotted around your location.

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Availability of Kitcast and Android TV support

You can get any Android TV device in most countries and in most places. It is not a rare piece of kit or rare software. This comes with the added benefit of a strong online community. For example, if you have a question about a problem you are having with your Android TV, then there is a good chance that the forums and Q/A websites are loaded with the same questions and that they have various answers. There are also the other typical benefits, such as getting repairs, information, user instructions is pretty easy too.

  • Kitcast software platform is available in his official website with many options and prices.

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