Kodi 18.3 ready for download now with audio enhancements

We already have the official version of Kodi Leia v18.3 ready to download and install, a version that updates the previous official version 18.2. Since version 18 we have substantial changes in its internal code and makes for example that compatible skins for this latest version are only a few, since they need to be updated in each version. In this version it highlights the possibility of playing DTS-HD audio tracks out of the video files as well as the resolution of numerous bugs. Also note that the Kodi team continues to actively work on the 19 Matrix version.

kodi 18 3 n01


  • Manual download Kodi v18.3 Leia
  • For Android, download the 32bit ARM7A version, the 64bit V8 version only for NVidia, Realtek and some Rockchip SoC’s.
  • For Windows download 64bit version



  • Fixed favourites widget not scrolling properly on 16:10 displays
  • Fixed API button was not reachable with a mouse on Settings window
  • Fixed Skin Settings window scrollbar focus
  • Fixed order of TV Show title and Episode title in Video Info dialog
  • Added Search button to the side menu in the Video and Music windows
  • Fixed Wall and Infowall views scroll to bottom on certain aspect-ratios
  • Fixed broken side menu navigation in the Addon Browser window


  • Fixed a Group Manager crash when adding a new group
  • Fixed EPG UI corruption and/or EPG data not showing with newly added channels
  • Fixed PVR guide window channel data being overwritten


  • Added support for DTS-HD audio tracks
  • Fixed wrong album or artist thumb art being picked from scraper results
  • To know all the modifications, consult the Complete changelog list Github
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