KODI 20.2 Nexus, available for download and install

New version available for download of Kodi 20.2 “Nexus”. One of the last versions of the V20 before the arrival of KODI 22 Omega that advances positively.

This new Kodi Nexus v20.2 offers bug fixes and improvements over the previous version. The most important change of Nexus is AV1 codec support for Android, Linux and streaming. In any case, we have versions available for Windows in 32 and 64bit compilations in addition to the compilations for Android in ARM V7A format for greater compatibility and ARM V8A for Shield TV or similar.

kodi 20 nexus beta

Download KODI 20.2 Nexus Final

  • DOWNLOAD WARNING: there are browsers that block EXE and APK download, use right click “Save link as”, then in the download tab below click on the little arrow above next to “Discard” and select SAVE.

Download KODI 20.2 for Android

Download KODI 20.2 for Windows

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  • [Estuary][MusicViz] Fix label height by @enen92 in #22977
  • [Backport][Settings] Remove IsFullScreen complex condition by @enen92 in #22980
  • [backport][windowing] fix uninitialised weight by @joseluismarti in #22986
  • Fix playlist window data by @ksooo in #23013
  • [UPnP] Add extensions to libplatinum mimetypes by @enen92 in #22997
  • [Xbox] RendererShaders: Concurrency::event is broken on UWP/Xbox, remove parallelism by @thexai in #23014
  • [subtitles] Fix mkv subtitles without duration by @enen92 in #23102
  • [Backport] Python API: Fix setting picture/game info via InfoTags by @garbear in #23094
  • [Backport] Python API: Add missing gameinfo to Player class by @garbear in #23095
  • [backport][Subtitles][WebVTT] Fix reversed pts offset correction by @CastagnaIT in #23128
  • [Nexus][PVR] Fix last opened group not always restored on Kodi startup. by @ksooo in #23165
  • [Backport] RetroPlayer: Fix memory exhaustion with zero-copy emulators by @garbear in #23142
  • [backport][Android] Avoid crash when create recommendation channels a… by @joseluismarti in #23166
  • [Nexus][PVR] Prevent crash on saved search by @emveepee in #23195
  • [Nexus] ViderPlayerAudio: fix setting of resample mode on stream change by @mglae in #23167
  • [BP][Windows] restore window position and size up to virtual screen min-max width & height by @CrystalP in #23218
  • [Backport][Windows] fix thread names in debugger / crash dumps by @CrystalP in #23243
  • [Windows][build ffmpeg] more robust build scripts by @thexai in #23219
  • [backport] Revert “[cmake] glx: find glx library instead of gl” by @lrusak in #23275
  • [backport] CPythonInvoker: fix python path by inserting custom path before default path by @lrusak in #23274
  • [Backport][Windows] fix playback of HDR material when Windows is already in HDR mode (AMD) by @CrystalP in #23270
  • [backport][Nexus]Fix build with GCC>=13 by @bkuhls in #23314
  • [Nexus][platform] macOS,iOS: Add speech recognition and microphone usage des… by @ksooo in #23341
  • [backport] SavestateFlatBuffer: Remove forward declararion of FlatBufferBuilder by @neo1973 in #23334
  • [backport] Fix build with GCC>=13 by @neo1973 in #23333
  • [Estuary] Reset 1110_seekbar timer on seeks by @enen92 in #23382
  • [Nexus][PVR] Timer settings dialog: Set certain settings to default on change of timer type. by @ksooo in #23385
  • [Nexus]Fix watched/unwatched filter not working when creating playli… by @ksooo in #23398
  • [BP][CMake][FlatC] Don’t use local flatc with ENABLE_INTERNAL_FLATBUFFERS if versions don’t match by @fuzzard in #23386
  • [Estuary] Also start timer (with reset) on seeks by @enen92 in #23400
  • [BP] SysfsPath: Have CSysfsPath::Get() return a std::optional because reads can fail by @neo1973 in #23390
  • [BP] CRenderManager: Add missing member initialization by @neo1973 in #23391
  • Fix Thumbnails of Rotated Pictures by @CrystalP in #23319
  • [backport][Addons][Filesystem] No cache, not treat compressed files as directory by @CastagnaIT in #22929
  • [Nexus] Backport E-AC3 fixes from master by @HiassofT in #23411
  • [backport][Android] Prefer Google raw decoder over MediaTek on old An… by @joseluismarti in #23452
  • [FontUtils] Give priority to MS font family name in english by @CastagnaIT in #23444
  • [Nexus] Bump version 20.2 by @fuzzard in #23454
  • Full Changelog
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No Dolby Vision MKV support? Is this a Kodi 21 feature?

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