KODI 20.4 Nexus, available for download and install

New version available for download of Kodi 20.4 “Nexus”. This will be one of the last V20 versions before the arrival of KODI 21 Omega.

This new Kodi Nexus v20.4 offers bug fixes and improvements over the previous version. The most important change of Nexus is AV1 codec support for Android, Linux and streaming. In any case, we have versions available for Windows in 32 and 64bit compilations in addition to the compilations for Android in ARM V7A format for greater compatibility and ARM V8A for Shield TV or similar.

kodi 20 nexus beta

Download KODI 20.4 Nexus Final

  • DOWNLOAD WARNING: there are browsers that block EXE and APK download, use right click “Save link as”, then in the download tab below click on the little arrow above next to “Discard” and select SAVE.

Download KODI 20.4 for Android

Download KODI 20.4 for Windows

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  • [Nexus] Fix Playstore obb failure + bump 20.4.2 by @fuzzard in #24480
  • [backport][tvOS] fix assigning bundle ID to the generated frameworks by @kambala-decapitator in #24540
  • [Backport] Fix the scourge of game add-on build failures by @garbear in #24562
  • [backport][Android] ABI check removal by @joseluismarti in #24561
  • [Backport] Add another msys2 binary to fix game add-on build failures by @garbear in #24568
  • AESinkWASAPI: improve fallback when is not supported exact output channel layout by @thexai in #24583
  • [Backport] Android joystick fixes by @garbear in #24625
  • [Nexus] Update controller add-ons for new keyboard layout and translations by @garbear in #24636
  • [BP][iOS/tvOS] disable VTB for real-time interlaced videos by @kambala-decapitator in #24672
  • [BP][darwin] fix retain cycle in Gamecontroller by @kambala-decapitator in #24637
  • [Nexus] Bump 20.4 by @fuzzard in #24679
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