KOKONI EC2, small and nice 3D printer with a built-in camera

Today we have on offer the KOKONI EC2 3D printer that surprises us for its compact design and for including an HD camera inside.

The small 3D printer KOKONI EC2 allows us to assemble at home a small workshop of figures or small tools, an ideal time to get it at the most competitive price. This printer offers interesting specifications for its price and a very simple assembly to avoid any problems in the assembly of the machine.

A product that allows children to be part of 3D printing thanks to its app and simple steps to create products supported by AI.

KOKONI EC2 3d printer

KOKONI EC2 Specifications

The KOKONI EC2 printer thanks to its design can be used straight out of the box, no assembly is required, just plug and load the material. The printing speed can reach up to 100 mm/s which allows to print a simple model in about 20 minutes.

From its app we have access to 2000 example models that we can use, also the 5 AI models system allows us to easily create new objects. With this system, it is easy to represent in 3D any idea we have by simply drawing a sketch on our mobile.

The printing system has an internal base where the piece will be created, thanks to the PLA material we can create pieces with a very low cost. The whole head is closed in the box with safety cover so that no one can suffer heat damage by touching the head of the machine.

The KOKONI EC2 printer offers wireless connection to use all its functions easily. It also has a very low noise emission of less than 50db.

As an extra, inside the box, we have a 720p camera that will show us the process of creating our figure. It also allows us to share from the app the process of creating our model in social networks, it only requires a couple of clicks to show the result to friends.

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