Kore, the KODI remote control app, configuration and usage

With the Kore app you can remotely control KODI on your local network in a comfortable way, we explain how to do it.

The KODI app is widely known by lovers of multimedia content of all kinds, thanks to the KODI add-ons and streaming options has become a benchmark. Thanks to this Kore app we can control KODI easily from our mobile, an alternative to having to use the remote control of our TV-Box or PC without specific design for this application. Installing it is very easy, following a few simple steps that we explain below.

kodi kore

What is Kore for KODI?

Thanks to the Kore app it is possible to remotely control the KODI app, so it is easy to perform any action from your smartphone or tablet. We only need to have the two systems on the same network to communicate. From the app we have touch controls simulating a conventional remote control.

Connecting Kore with KODI

So that Kore and KODI can communicate, it is mandatory that they are in the same local network. If we are in our house, this is easy, since we have all the devices connected to the same router normally.

Required settings in KODI

  • Navigate to Settings > Services > Control.
  • Set a Password, without this you cannot activate the following option.
  • Enable “Allow remote control over HTTP”.

kore kodi settings

Settings for Kore

Once we have configured KODI to run its HTTP server, we can move on to the Kore app that we have downloaded from Google Play.

  • Install the Kore app from Google Play.
  • Click on search server.
  • Click on the KODI server found.
  • Add username and password.
  • Click on test and we can see the menu of our network KODI.

Managing the Kore app

The Kore app offers us a menu with all KODI sections such as Movies, Series, Music, PVR and so on. We also have the remote control system with the most common shortcuts. In this app we can also access the list of files to play their contents and playback controls to pause, stop or change subtitles.

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