Kospet F800 and F600, new smartwatches with active laser treatment

Every day Smartwatches are adding features as is the case of the new Kospet F800 and Kospet F600. In this case we find the inclusion of an active laser treatment to improve our blood flow.

These Smartwatches surprise us with their laser treatment that theoretically brings three improvements to our blood circulation, reduces blood lipids, lowers hypertension and lowers the level of hyperglycemia in our body. In addition, we have a heart rate, body temperature, oxygen level and blood pressure meter. Also, we have the usual measurements for multiple sports thanks to its sensors and IP67 immersion protection. As you can see, these smartwatches are quite complete, although we are not going to comment on the laser.

Kospet F800

Kospet F800 and Kospet F600 Specifications

The screen of the Kospet F800 and F600 is a circular touch IPS with a size of 1.3 inches, an HD resolution of 360×360 pixels and is covered by a resistant glass. Its body is made of metal and plastic and has an IP67 resistance so we can shower and swim with it. To synchronize it with our smartphone we have Bluetooth 5.0 low energy connectivity.

The battery is 280 mAh, recharges thanks to a magnetic port, has an average duration of between 7 to 9 days giving it a normal use, has fast charging system that offers us with 2 hours charge for 7 days of use. Inside we find a Realtek 8762DW processor responsible for managing all measurements and integrates 128K + 128M of RAM.

To configure these smartwatches we find the app for Android of this brand called Da fit with which we have access to all the measurements of the watch. It is also possible to customize it or change the dials for the one that interests us. Within the utilities of the Smartwatch we have, in addition to the most typical that we can find in almost all these watches, the manager to start the laser treatment in addition to notices for our WhatsApp messages or similar.

Price and availability

Kospet F600

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