KUGOO celebrates its great sales with offers and make cashback up to $30

It seems that the KUGOO brand is making a dent in the electric scooters sector and has already reached 100,000 units sold and for this reason make a cashback of $30 in a coupon to buyers of the KUGOO S1, S2 and ES2 models. A good offer that may interest us if we are thinking of acquiring an electric scooter at this time. As we always recommend comparing before buying taking into account the coupon offered.

The last electric scooter of this brand is the KUGOO ES2 a folding scooter that is made of aluminum, has a weight of only 16Kg and the maximum weight admitted by this scooter is up to 120 Kg. The batteries as indicated by the manufacturer have a range up to 25 km at power level we find a 350W motor with a maximum speed of 25 km/h. The wheels are of a standard size of 8.5″, solid with holes and non-slip design that avoid annoying punctures providing some damping. They include electronic brake in addition to the classic mechanic and on the front wheel we have an integrated spring damper.

Price and availability

  • KUGOO ES2 is available for only € 397 ($ 439.99)
  • KUGOO S2 is available for only € 325 ($ 359.99)
  • KUGOO S1 is available for only € 289 ($ 319.99)
  • To get the $30 coupon to spend on Geekbuying we have to fill in the purchase form.
  • The offer is valid between 10 and 30 of September. All scooters are shipped only from Europe.

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