KUGOO G2 Pro the Terminator’s scooter with top specs

Today we present an electric scooter that is out of the ordinary, it is the new KUGOO G2 Pro a scooter that is available directly from Europe. Undoubtedly the first thing that stands out about this vehicle is its peculiar design inspired perhaps by Terminator, under which hides a double damping system and a powerful 800W motor that take it away from the most conventional range.

In addition, this high-end scooter has double disc brakes, an LCD screen with live information, inflatable 10-inch wheels and is capable of supporting up to 140 KG. Undoubtedly an almost unique product within its range.

kugoo g2 pro n01

Autonomy, power and mechanics

The new KUGOO G2 Pro electric scooter is made of aluminum and its body and weighs 23 Kg. The batteries have a capacity of 48V 13 AH, according to the manufacturer, they have an autonomy of up to 50 Km. As for the motor we find a power of 800 W with a maximum speed of 50 Km/h with different speeds to choose from and which is capable of climbing slopes of up to 15% of unevenness.

In this KUGOO G2 Pro we have wheels with internal chamber and non-slip design with a size of 10″, much larger than normal and that include two brake discs to ensure a minimum stopping distance. The spider design allows it to articulate on two axles for its two shock absorbers that control each of the wheels.

kugoo g2 pro

Other features

Integrated into the handlebars we find the acceleration system and an LED panel with all the live vehicle information (no app needed). It also has three driving modes, mounts an LED front light in the lower area, side light strips on the platform and another rear light to increase our visibility.

KUGOO G2 Pro price and availability

  • KUGOO G2 Pro is pre-sold at the Geekbuying.com online store for only €764.50 with shipping from Europe using the GKB501S discount coupon. As a gift you can choose a Xiaomi backpack or inflater.

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How do you change the side light sequence on the platform of the G2 pro?


It cant fold its handlebars and it weighs 23KG not 16KG

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