KUNUP, the cheapest 2.5″ SSD disk on Aliexpress

Surfing through Aliexpress we found what looks like the Chinese brand that currently has the cheapest SSD of 2,5″ in the market called KUNUP, which has a 1TB SSD for only 69,75

Naturally we are not going to have an SSD with peak speeds, but in exchange they have a very good Gigabit/Price ratio. Some very interesting SSD units to revive a laptop, a tower or install it in a mini PC or TV-Box as a secondary storage unit where the speed is not critical and its use is limited.



The SSD KUNUP has SATA3 interface, a format of 2,5″ and are available in capacities of 8 / 16 / 32 / 60 / 120 / 128 / 160 / 240 / 256 / 360 / 480 / 512GB and 1 / 2TB, for all tastes and pockets. Speeds vary according to capacity, but the 1TB would reach 500Mbs in reading and 350Mbs in writing. The memories used are TLC, one of the most used nowadays in the domestic user segment and the controller seems to be a SMI 2258XT.

Price and availability

  • KUNUP SSDs can be purchased at Aliexpress.com for prices ranging from $8.35 to $152.90 with free shipping.

kunup ssd n01jpg

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