Leagoo S10 presented with triple camera and fingerprint reader under the screen

During the HK Global Source Exhibition, the new Leagoo S10 smartphone has been introduced, a terminal that we do not know most of its specifications but looks good for what we know so far. As it is a trend in the world of smartphones, this device includes a screen with a small top notch and very low lateral and upper and lower frames that maximize the effective size of the screen, possibly about 6 inches.

Leagoo S10

Of the Leagoo S10 we only know a very few of its features, no doubt the cameras will be the main attraction of this terminal as it includes a triple rear camera that includes 24 + 16 + 8MP sensors with built-in LED flash, inspired by the new Huawei P20 for sure. Also noteworthy is its fingerprint reader located below the front screen, an addition that we have seen so far in very few smartphones but sure will be flood the market in the coming months. The SoC of the Leagoo S10 is still pending confirmation, although it will have a couple of versions, one with 6 / 128GB and another with 8 / 256GB.

  • At the moment we have no launch date or approximate price of the new Leagoo S10 a terminal that will be in the market soon.

Leagoo S10 smartphone

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