Lenovo E1 a cheap Smartwatch on deal offer

For those who like to monitor their physical activity but prefer the clock format Lenovo has just presented its new Smartwatch with a design that reminds us of the Apple Watch. The new Lenovo E1 is a cheap smartwatch focused on the control of our physical activity as it includes tracking for 7 sports and the usual heart rate sensor that can control our heart even 24 hours a day. During the launch of the Lenovo E1 also includes an extra gift strap that is always an interesting extra for this smartwatch that has its main attraction in its design.


The screen of the Lenovo E1 is a 1.33 inch color LCD with a resolution of 120 x 120 pixels that includes a touch control button on its bottom and has a 2.5D tempered glass cover with treatment to make it scratch resistant and blows The quadrangular case of this smartwatch is made of metal and has protection against dust and splashes IP67. It includes Bluetooth 4.0 at the level of connectivity, gyroscopes and an internal battery of 180mha capable of lasting between 10 and 25 days depending on the use we give it. The Lenovo E1 can be easily configured and even customized thanks to its APP because it allows you to change the position of the clock and add custom images to the screen.

Price on offer

  • The Lenovo E1 Smartwatch can be purchased on launch offer at Gearbest.com for $ 39.99 with free shipping.

Lenovo E1 Smartwatch

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