LENOVO GM2 Pro headphones with Bluetooth 5.3 for only $9

Lenovo has a good range of entry-level wireless headphones, and it’s time to take advantage of the substantial discount on their LENOVO GM2 Pro.

Wireless headphones that surprise with their Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity that guarantees stability and low audio latency, making them suitable for use in games, for example.

Naturally for its price we can not expect wonders in its sound, but a normal quality, we assume, similar to that of the popular Lenovo LP40. That if, given their price, if we lose them, it will not be a drama for what they cost, so they are not a bad option to have them dedicated to sporadic use.


LENOVO GM2 Pro Specifications

The LENOVO GM2 Pro are wireless headphones with Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity and include ENC noise reduction on calls. Its range is 10 meters, it has 10 mm drivers with a frequency range: 2402-2480KHz and support for AAC audio codecs that improve sound quality. We also have two audio modes, one for gaming and one for music, where in the latter the bass is amplified and as usual we can control music playback by touch. We also find a built-in microphone to answer calls

The battery of the headphones is 40 mAh that gives us about 5 hours of autonomy, and the recharging and storage box has a 350mAh battery with a convenient USB Type-C connector for recharging.

The design of the earphones and the box have some gaming touches, and 3 rubber ear tips in three sizes are included for greater comfort.

Price and availability

  • The LENOVO GM2 Pro can be purchased on AliExpress from only $9 with free shipping by applying the discount coupon 1002GM2PRO

LENOVO GM2 Pro auriculares

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