Lenovo LP5, Bluetooth headphones for less than 12 $ with fast charging

Lenovo’s budget range of headsets are priced to fit any budget, and the Lenovo LP5 are a step above the Lenovo LP40 and LP40 Pro.

The Lenovo LP5 look noticeably different in their exterior design than the LP40, since their design seems a bit more elaborate and ergonomic. In the LP5 the usual 13 mm dynamic drivers, protection against splashes and sweat and a microphone that is responsible for reducing noise during phone calls. We can control audio playback directly from the headphones by small touches, since we have a touch surface on the outside.

Cheap headphones for daily use, perfectly valid if we are not very demanding, and of which you will have our review in a few days.

Lenovo LP5

Lenovo LP5 Specifications

The Lenovo LP5 have an ultralight design, 3.6 grams each, they have Bluetooth 5.0 low energy connectivity, with a range of more than 10 meters, and they offer us low latency for gaming. The LP5 headphones have support for AAC/SBC audio codecs that improve sound quality, an ideal technology to accompany their 13 mm diameter graphene drivers.

In addition, in terms of autonomy, these headphones integrate a 35 mAh battery that allows us to play music for up to 3.5 hours autonomously. If we use the battery of the case with a capacity of 250 mAh we have an extra charge to recharge another 12 hours, a case that, on the other hand, weighs only 25 grams and recharges to 100% in 1.5 hours. To recharge the battery in the case, we have a USB Type-C connector that makes it easy to connect without looking.

Price and availability

  • Lenovo LP5 headphones can be purchased on AliExpress from only $12 with free shipping by applying the discount code 1005LP5001
  • These headphones include sets of ear tips in 3 sizes and are available in two colours, white and grey.

Lenovo LP5 bluetooth

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