LibreELEC 9 Leia already available to download

We already have available to download LibreELEC 9 Leia officially, as we know this is a sufficient operating system to run KODI and not depend on Windows or Android, this optimizes resources and works much smoother. As a drawback we have that we can only use KODI since we do not have a generic operating system, but if we install it in DualOS or we are only going to use only KODI it is more than enough.

libreelec 9 n02

The new LibreELEC 9 Leia is based on Kodi 18 and incorporates all the novelties of this new version. We have very powerful internal changes at the system level, added the new retro gaming environment, greater support for DVB tuners and initial support for SoC Rockchip, although it is still in very early stage and only for very specific devices.

Download and installation

libreelec 9 n01

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