LILYGO T-Watch 2020 a programmable and Open Source Smartwatch

Today we present a Smartwatch called LILYGO T-Watch 2020 that escapes from the normal since this smartwatch allows it to be programmed down to the last detail.

An open smartwatch for which we can develop applications on Arduino, Scratch, micropython and pictoblox among others, we also have our own visual programming interface to make life easier. For this smartwatch we have extensive documentation in all its aspects available on GitHub and the brand’s website with which we can program all its functionalities.

 LILYGO T Watch 2020


The LILYGO T-Watch 2020 smartwatch includes a 1.54-inch LCD touchscreen. The processor is an Xtensa LX6 Dual Core at 240MHz, it has an ESP32 MCU, it integrates 512MB SRAM and 16MB Flash storage, it includes Wifi b/g/n connectivity and Bluetooth 4.2. The internal battery is 350mAh rechargeable through a microUSB port and we also find accelerometer, vibration motor, Infrared sensor and others that we can naturally program to our liking. Finally the included operating system is FreeRTOS.

Price and availability

  • The LILYGO T-Watch 2020 Smartwatch can be purchased at the online store from $ 30.25 with shipping included.

LILYGO T Watch 2020 smartwatch

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