Logitech K600 TV KEYBOARD designed specifically for Smart TV

It was time for a keyboard designed especially for Smart TVs to reach the market, a model that comes from the hand of one of the specialists in the sector, Logitech. With its new Logitech K600 TV KEYBOARD this brand undoubtedly opens a path that will be imitated quickly, although surely with a limited quality. Logitech has worked hard on this keyboard since it even has a specific website to check the compatibility of this new keyboard with your Smart TV and different applications. Also comment that it is compatible with Android, Android TV, Windows and iOS so we can connect a priori to any TV-Box and miniPC, in fact includes a button with which to quickly switch between up to three synchronized devices.

Logitech K600 TV KEYBOARD

Going into details of the Logitech K600 TV KEYBOARD this includes a full concave QWERTY keyboard profile that includes different hot keys, multimedia as a volume, a touchpad and a crosshead at the far right. It is powered by 2 AAA batteries that can last up to 12 months. This keyboard has Bluetooth connectivity and a range of up to 15m.

  • The new Logitech K600 TV KEYBOARD can be purchased at the Logitech online store from $69.99 free shipping.

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