Look app and players, a complete solution for digital signage

Today we bring a solution for companies that require digital signage devices, thanks to the Look app and players we have several flexible solutions for this sector.

The Look DS company offers two Android TV-Box devices to playback our advertising system on any screen. Thanks to its cloud software we can design and update any multimedia or interactive content we want to play. It is undoubtedly a simple and reliable software solution for remote management of digital display networks for advertising displays in retail stores or digital menu boards in restaurants.

look digital signage

Look software for digital signage

To use the Look cloud platform, we will only have to connect with our user account to the Look app and configure the selected device connected by HDMI to our LCD screen. Thanks to this software we can directly design advertising or play multimedia content on screen, we can also manage the uptime and other functions.

We can use the Look app on compatible Android players, use it on a computer with Windows, Linux or MacOS or directly on Smart TV screens with Android TV system. We have a wide range of options for running the Look app, and we are sure that one of them will fit our project.

Look Android Players

From Look, we have several pre-configured devices to use the digital signage app without complications, we have different solutions depending on the power required and the network connectivity we have.

Look HD-2214

In TV-Stick format, we have the small Look HD-2214, a hardware sufficient to play content up to 4K. In this Android Stick we have Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection in a rear port. On the front, we have an HDMI connector that allows us to play content on any 4K screen connected with minimal power consumption. It has automatic power on, background update and scheduled reboot.

Look HD 2214

Look HD-2218 Pro

If we are looking for more power and connection options, it is certainly better to go for the Look HD-2218 Pro, a device that offers 4 GB of RAM and storage up to 32 GB. We have dual-band Wi-Fi aC adapter and LAN connection. This passively cooled hardware offers automatic power on, background refresh and scheduled reboot. It is fully compatible with all functions of the Look app to get the most out of it.

Look HD 2218 Pro

Look HD-2220 4G

When we don’t have Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection options, we can use a 4G mobile network with the Look HD-2220 4G TV-Box. We have fairly powerful hardware with 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. It has a sturdy metal casing that optimizes the passive cooling of the system. We have auto power on, background refresh and scheduled reboot functions to manage the hardware remotely.

Look HD 2220 4G

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