Meross Matter Smart Plug MSS115 on sale on Amazon

Until September 14 we have the opportunity to purchase at a discounted price the MEROSS Matter a smart plug that will help us in our day to day.

This is a smart plug of compact size and is compatible with Apple Home, Amazon Alexa and Google Home apps through which it can be controlled by voice. All we need to control or configure it is a smartphone with Android 8.1 or iOS 16.1 or higher.

Thanks to this MEROSS Matter offer we can automate our home very easily or instantly control all kinds of appliances or lights remotely such as lights, an electric hot water tank, etc…

Meross Matter Smart Plug

Meross Matter Specifications

The Meross Matter smart plug (MSS115) is constructed of ABS plastic and has a very compact size of only 53.98 x 2.24 x 2.17 inches. Safety has been taken into account in its design, as it is constructed of ignition retardant materials, has brass connectors, includes electrical overload protections and has FCC, IC and ETL certifications, and they have a maxim electric output of 15A.

To pair it with our Smartphone and configure it through its app or third parties, it has encrypted Wi-Fi b/g/n 2.4GHz connectivity for greater security and privacy.

Meross Matter Smart Plug Mini

Its configuration of the Meross Matter smart plug is extremely simple, since it is done through a QR code that we only have to scan using our smartphone. Through the Meross app it has various functionalities, we can program the plug automatically, create a countdown timer, turn it off or on remotely or configure various administrators, so we can share its functionalities with other people.

Note that the Meross Matter smart plug continues to work with the programmed routines even if we do not have Wi-Fi, as it has internal memory for this.

Price on offer

  • The Meross Matter smart plug can be bought on sale on Amazon for just $12.99 using the -$5 coupon from the seller.
  • The Meross Matter 2-pack is even more discounted, since in addition to the -$5 off coupon we can use the discount code XXPWLMCG which leaves it at just $27.99.

Meross Matter