Microsoft could start designing its own proprietary ARM chips

It seems that ARM processors will gain another ally, Microsoft would be in the process of developing its own ARM chip designs, following the steps of Apple’s M1 mobile CPU and Amazon’s Graviton CPU for servers.

According to Bloomberg media with Microsoft employees in unofficial discussions would be already developing an ARM processor for servers and exploring the possibility of another for its line of mobile PCs Surface. A delicate sector for Microsoft because it would have conflict of interest with its partners from Intel, AMD and Qualcomm with whom it developed the ARM SQ1 and SQ2 processors that can be found on the Surface X, with very limited success due to poor x86 emulation.

windows arm soc n02

For now, this product seems to be destined to the server sector to offer certain clients a tailor-made product, with the difficulties of the COVID and the current limitation in processor production we will not see a mass commercial product for a long time based on this processor.

It is expected that this Microsoft ARM processor does include the necessary hardware to properly emulate x86 as it happens with the Apple M1 that gives quite good results with Rosetta 2 in x86 applications. For now as we have seen the results of Windows 10 ARM have been quite disastrous and has not ceased to be an experiment.

windows arm soc n01


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