Microsoft describes the limits of Windows on ARM devices

Soon we will have among us the first laptops with ARM processors running Windows 10, devices that promise a much higher autonomy than the models based on x86 processors, something that we honestly find very optimistic in normal use and that surely refers only to connectivity with the screen off. In any case now we have new data of the real limitations of the system with respect to the programs that we can use or not in these new Windows 10 ARM laptops.

windows 10 arm pre d01

Many of the limitations now described by Microsoft were already known in the different presentations that we have been seeing of Windows 10 in ARM but now we have already seen described officially, as we can see they are important and if we need to use x86 applications or games we will found difficulties.

  • The 64bit applications compiled in x64 will not work in the ARM x86 emulator, this limits us in the use of RAM and instructions in many design, development or other applications that require efficiency with a lot of memory.
  • Under this system we can not create virtual machines because we do not have Hyper-V support in the system.
  • The development of apps is oriented to the creation of the same under the design of Universal Windows Platform, when compiling the apps are generated versions x86, x64 and ARM but this is ideal and requires to be very strict in the development, something that limits and It does not attract.
  • In Windows 10 ARM many games will not work as OpenGL1.1 or higher is required, there is no OpenGL hardware support, powerful games require proprietary drivers that are not compatible and anti-cheat systems are not compatible.
  • The applications that modify the appearance of Windows will not work, this is also a very limiting point since many apps use their modifications of the Windows environment to offer an effective work environment.

As we already knew Windows 10 for ARM would be very limited but every time it seems less attractive this system since it does not seem that we are going to have a super competitive price with respect to an x86 laptop, that is the key point and we will have to see how it evolves but apparently we are before Windows RT 2.0, a new disaster announced.

windows 10 arm emu

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