Surface 2019: AMD and ARM take their piece of the cake

In a new event, Microsoft has just announced its new Surface range that updates this entire product line. Featured models include the new Surface Laptop 3 with the AMD Ryzen APUs, the new Surface X with Qualcomm ARM processor that promises great autonomy of use and its two new devices with dual screens.

surface 2019 n01a

Surface Laptop 3

The new Surface Laptop 3 are presented in two formats, on the one hand we have a 13.5” model with 10th generation Intel Core processor and on the other a 15” model with AMD Ryzen APU in two variants, one with the powerful AMD Ryzen 5 3580U and a simpler one with an AMD Ryzen 5 3580U. In design and general lines this model remains similar to its previous version.

The prices of the Surface Laptop 3 range between $999 for the 13″model and $1199 for the 15″ model.

Surface Pro 7 and Surface Pro X

In 2 in 1 format we have the new Surface Pro 7 that is also updated with Intel 10th generation processors and maintains the characteristics of the previous generation. The new model that stands out in this range is the Surface Pro X that makes the leap to a Microsoft SQ1 processor designed in conjunction with Qualcomm, a version of Snapdragon 855 aimed at PCs always connected as it includes an integrated 5G modem. We hope that the user experience with Windows 10X for ARM will be better compared to previous versions.

  • The new Surface Pro 7 is priced at $749 while the Surface Pro X starts at $999.


Surface Neo y Surface Duo

Surface Neo is a portable device based on Windows 10X for ARM with 360-degree hinge that connects two 9″ screens, open gives us a full size of 13″. It is compatible with portable keyboard, Surface Pen and Bluetooth mouse.

Surface Duo is a model similar to Neo but with Android system, it has two 5.6″ screens that opens give us a total size of 8.3″. A device that we can use as a conventional telephone and as a small laptop.

  • We still have no price for these two new models.

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