Microsoft Surface Pro 6, Laptop 2, Studio 2, Headphones and a new subscription plan

Microsoft has presented at a conference all the new features of its Surface family, where it renews a large part of its hardware catalog and presents a new renting system called Surface All Access that allows us to access any of these devices for a monthly fee. At the hardware level we have the classic leap of specifications and at the design aspect the greatest novelty in the new black color in all its devices.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Undoubtedly one of the most interesting products has been the new Microsoft Surface Pro 6, a model that is updated at hardware level with the latest 8th generation Intel processors promising up to 67% more power, a big jump compared to previous model. At design level we have few novelties with the exception of the model in black, we have the same 12.3″ screen with identical resolution, RAM up to 16GB and NVMe disk up to 1TB, the battery according to Microsoft will give us a live of 13,5 hours and as connectors we must highlight that we still have no USB Type-C, something incomprehensible, it is expected to be available in October for a price of $899 for the basic model.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

The Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 model comes to us as an update of the previous version with few design changes, the 13.5″ screen with the same resolution and a 14.5 hour battery is maintained. We have new design in black and on the other hand we have Intel 8th generation processors with the consequent increase in power.The price for the basic model starts at $899 and is expected to be on the market in October for the Christmas campaign.

Microsoft Surface Studio 2

The new Microsoft Surface Studio 2 maintains the same design with its 28″ screen with resolution of 3840 x 2160 which this time increases its brightness by 38% more and has 22% more contrast. We continue with the 4096 levels of pressure and the compatibility of Surface Pen, how could it be otherwise this model is also presented in black as a novelty. At hardware level we have important changes since the GPUs are updated to the latest models of NVIDIA Pascal that give it a 50% more power and in CPU we jump to the 8th generation of Intel, the price and availability are still unknown.

Microsoft Surface Headphones

As a new product we have the Microsoft Surface Headphones, a headset with a classic design, which has an adjustable noise canceling system by means of a side wheel, it has an automatic pause system when you take it off and the ability to make hands-free calls. As an addition we have support for Cortana assistant that will allow us to control that we are playback and we can give you orders on the content that we want to hear, when the assistant is in operation the playback will be paused. For now, we do not know the price and availability of this model.

Microsoft Surface All Access

One of the most surprising announcements has undoubtedly been the new Microsoft Surface All Access device rental plan, a service that allows us for a monthly fee to have the Surface model that interests us along with its peripherals and Office 365 subscription. of renting will only be available for now in the US and requires a subscribe a minimum of 24 months, it may be interesting for users who require these devices with their accessories.

  • Surface Go: $ 24.99 / month. Includes Type Cover and Pencil.
  • Surface Book 2: 54.96 $ / month. Includes all the Surface Book, Surface Pen and keyboard.
  • Surface Pro: $ 47.87 / month. Includes Type Cover and Surface Pen.
  • Surface Laptop: $ 46.63 / month.
  • Surface Studio: Complete package from November 15.


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