Mini PC F800 with a low power processor Intel Core i7-7700T

Normally all the low consumption miniPCs that we see in the market are developed under the U series of Intel which has no socket and goes directly soldered to the board. Today we want to echo this new model of mini PC F800 since it is one of the few that mounts a processor of low power Intel T series with socket so we can change it for another if necessary, something that is not critical either but it new to us in this kind of product.

minipc f800 d01

In the  mini PC F800 we have two processor options, we can order it with the powerful Intel Core i7-7700T that has four cores and eight threads of execution or with the Intel Core i5-7500T that has four cores and four threads of execution , both mount an Intel HD Graphics 630 GPU and have support for DDR3 or DDR4 memory at 2400 MHz up to 64 GB. Two products much more powerful than the U series of Intel, we have a TPD consumption that goes from 25 W to 35 W and as we see in the box we found and active fan.

minipc f800 n02

At the level of connectivity options the mini PC F800 have six USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, dual VGA and HDMI 1.4 video output, round power port, Gigabit Ethernet and finally input and output audio jacks. Inside we can mount a 2.5″ disk, it also has mSATA slot, Wifi card connector and two sockets for DDR4 memory modules. An interesting model if we need power but if we are going to use it for desktop at user level we have better options.

  • The miniPC F800 can be purchased on for a price of $401 with shipping by DHL with what you have to add fees.

minipc f800 n01

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