MINIX introduces its new range of Hubs and USB Type-C cables

From the brand MINIX we have  the official announcement of its new range of Hubs and USB Type-C Cables that are compatible with iOS , Windows and Chrome OS devices and will also be compatible with the new mini PC of this brand called MINIX NEO N42C-4 . The Type-C USB connector has already been imposed on smartphones and we will gradually see how will win the general connectivity sector too thanks to its superior features.


With the MINIX NEO C-4K cable we can connect our device from a Type-C USB port to an HDMI video input with resolutions up to 4K@60Hz automatically, this cable is fully plug and play and no configuration is required. We can use the connected monitor as a second screen or clone the content, this cable supports 720p and 1080p modes for maximum compatibility with Windows, Mac or Chrome OS.


This MINIX NEO C-D hub allows us to greatly expand our Macbook Pro as it has HDMI, Thunderbolt 3, USB Type-C, 2x USB 3.0 ports, microSD and SD reader. Thanks to the Thunderbolt 3 connector we have power connection up to 100W which allows us to recharge the Macbook Pro quickly with the hub connected, also we can have video output up to 5K@60Hz and as no file transfer up to 40Gbps that leaves far behind the 5Gbps of the USB 3.0 connectors.


The MINIX NEO C-E adapter offers the possibility of transforming our Type-C USB port into a Gigabit Ethernet connector directly, a fully plug and play device that needs no configuration or driver installation.


The MINIX NEO C-HD converter allows us to convert a Type-C USB port into an HDMI female connector with support for video output up to 4K@60Hz resolutions. It also supports 720p and 1080p video modes for maximum compatibility with Windows, Mac or Chrome OS.


The MINIX NEO C-MUC cable with a very careful design allows us to interconnect USB 3.0 Type-C ports with support for file transfers up to 5 Gbps, the supported power transmission is up to 4.5 A allowing it to be used in a wide range of devices .


The MINIX NEO C-UE hub is a small adapter that extends our USB Type-C connector with three USB 3.0 ports and a Gigabit Ethernet port, which makes it possible to gain many connectivity options. A device that does not need drivers since it is plug and play and is compatible with Windows, Mac or Chrome OS.

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