MINIX presents its new and interesting peripherals

MINIX is back with force with new mini PCs, but also presents a new and varied range of peripherals, here we show you their interesting gadgets.

The MINIX brand that we have recently seen come back with its passive computer MINIX NEO Z100-0db and the upcoming MINIX Z100-AERO, now offers us quite peculiar peripherals. Outstanding among them are the MINIX C1 / H1 wireless video transmitters that we can combine with the MINIX SF16 monitor. In addition, they also surprise us with a MINIX P4K charger with 512 GB internal storage.

We hope to see soon these new peripherals in one of our reviews and how they work together, no doubt they will attract the attention of those looking for different gadgets.

minix perifericos

MINIX C1 / H1 Video Transmitter and SF16 Portable Monitor

Other interesting peripherals we have available are the new MINIX C1 and MINIX H1 wireless video transmitters. The first in USB-C format and the second with USB-A connectors , both with HDMI output ports on the receiver. Thanks to these cables we can transmit video image from one point to another without complications, we only have to connect from a source to a receiving screen to start the broadcast.

Along with these products, a 16″ touch screen portable monitor (optional) has also been presented under the name of MINIX SF16/SF16T, an ideal complement to have a secondary screen anywhere. The specifications are quite interesting, we have 1200P resolution in 100% sRGB quality, integrated stand and full USB-C 3.1 port. A MINIX NEO P1 Mini charger is also included.

Price and availability

MINIX P4K and P1 Mini, GaN chargers

Among the new products of the brand we find the striking charger MINIX P4K that surprises us by integrating internal storage of 512 GB, so we can use it as a disk. Something unusual that can be practical to carry an all-in-one along with our laptop. The maximum power is 60 W PD, so we can charge multiple devices optimally.

We also have a new MINIX NEO P1 Mini, a smaller option of the classic P1 with similar specifications and charging up to 33 W PD. A convenient alternative to carry a powerful charger anywhere.

Price and availability of MINIX GaN Chargers

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