MinixPC, joins 11.11 with offers on its entire catalog of mini PCs

The online store MinixPC joins the sales day offers 11.11 with coupons and special offers throughout its catalog, a good time to compare prices.

As we can see in this sales event we have special offers on all kinds of mini PCs and other devices that we find in the catalog of this store as laptops or consoles. In addition to these offers in this product line we have several coupons for all products in the catalog of this store. We can compare prices with the latest devices added to the great selection of mini computers they offer.

minixpc 1111 2022

Coupons and offers on MinixPC 11.11 2022

Within the promotion website we have a complete list of offers for the 11.11 2022 sales festival. In addition to the mini PC’s we find other items where this store is a specialist as laptops or powerful consoles. The best products have a limited quantity, so those that offer a tighter price can be exhausted relatively quickly and the offers rotate when they run out. We also have two global coupons, the first one US20 with a $20 discount for purchases over $199 and another one with code US30 with a $30 discount for purchases over $400.

In the catalog of this store specialized in mini PC we find the main ones in the sector such as Beelink, Minusforum, Chatreey and others. In our web you have different analysis to get an idea of the products, compare the different processors and draw your conclusions of which one can be the best for you. If you want advice to choose the best one, leave a comment and we will be glad to help you.

minixpc 1111 2022 coupons

As usual in this selection of products we have as always different shipping options, the slowest which is the safest to avoid customs fees and the Express that if managed by an agency it is possible to go through customs. The delivery days depend on the type of shipping chosen. If we have any hard about shipping, we can contact the store and clarify the whole procedure of shipping and receiving our product.

Featured Offers

  • Check out the 11.11 Deals on to discover all the offers.
  • Coupon US20 for $20 off for $199 purchase
  • Coupon US30 for $30 off for purchases of $400.

minixpc 1111 2022 mini pcs

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