Mission Cables MC45 puts an end to the Amazon Fire TV cables.

Curious device this small accessory called Mission Cables MC45 and intended almost exclusively for the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

A small device that replaces the usual external USB power supply. This cable allows you to power the Amazon Fire TV Stick directly from a USB port powered from our TV or Smart TV, even if it does not reach the necessary voltage and amperage. Its use, therefore, reduces the number of cables we have behind our screen and although it seems an interesting purchase, its price seems to us quite high for the features it offers.

Mission Cables MC45

Mission Cables MC45 specifications

The Mission Cables MC45 hardware includes in its small body an internal battery, which must be charged for 10 minutes before its first use. This battery is both charging and powering the Fire TV Stick while it demands power. Thanks to the controlled extra charge of the battery system, we will always have the right power needed by the Stick. In this way we will not suffer reboots or crashes due to lack of electrical power.

As we say, only needs a powered USB port on our screen, so the installation is really simple and only need to connect it to the micro USB port of our Fire TV Stick. This Mission Cables MC45 is 100% compatible with the first Fire TV Stick or the new Fire TV Stick Lite, Fire TV Stick 4K and the latest Fire TV Stick 4K MAX.

Mission Cables MC45 pricing and Availability

  • The Mission Cables MC45 can be purchased on Amazon for $19.99 with free shipping for Amazon Prime subscribers.

Mission Cables MC45 Fire TV

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