MoreFit dual technology smartwatch with multiple sensors for only $8

New ultra-low price hybrid Smartwatch from the China MoreFit brand in which analogue and digital technologies for our wrist come together, since this smartwatch combines a small LCD screen with a traditional mechanical watch.

Despite its tiny price, this smartwatch includes many sensors, since in addition to the classic pedometer we have a heart rate sensor and a blood pressure sensor. Design and materials are simple but it is still resistant to immersion, with regard to the control of the Smart functions this is done with two small touch areas next to the screen although it can also be controlled and configured through the ComFit app.

MoreFit smartwatch


The Smartwatch MoreFit has a body with IPX7 protection and supports up to dives to 50 meters deep. At the heart we have an nRF51802 SoC that includes an ARM Cortex-M0 processor with 256 KB of flash memory, 16 KB of RAM and that includes Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity. The battery is 90 mAh and has a range of about a week.

The functions of this Smartwatch are the usual ones with sports monitoring, sleep, calorie counter, sedentary lifestyle among other common features of this range.

Price and availability

  • The MoreFit Smartwatch can be purchased in two colours on for as little as $ 7.99 with free shipping.


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