NanoPi NEO Core a Development Board of only 4x4cm with SoC Allwinner H3/H5 for only $8

Within the development board of tiny size could be assigned the new NanoPi NEO Core and NanoPi NEO Core2 that with their 4x4cm will delight more than one. Both plates have a very similar design in which only varies its SoC, Allwinner H3 for the NanoPi NEO Core and Allwinner H5 for the NanoPi NEO Core that also includes Ethernet Gigabit and more memory.

NanoPi NEO Core

NanoPi NEO Core includes a SoC Alwinner H3, a Quad Core with four Cortex-A7 cores and a Mali-400MP2 GPU. In this board we have options of DDR3 RAM of 256 / 512MB and optional storage of 8GB / 16GB / 32GB. In terms of connectivity we find a microUSB OTG port for power and data, microSD card reader, 2 connectors of 24 pins and another of 20 from where we can get 3 USB ports, a 10/100 network connector, audio, IR, SPDIF ….

NanoPi NEO Core2 repeats the basic configuration of the previous board although it includes a SoC Allwinner H5, a chip that assembles ARM Cortex-A53 processors with 64bit instructions and a Mali-450MP2 GPU. In this model we have 512MB / 1GB of RAM, options of 8GB / 16GB / 32GB of storage memory and a Realtek RTL8211E Chip for the Ethernet Gigabit. At the connectivity level the same options as the previous plate.

At the software level we have available in the WiKi  of the NanoPi NEO Core2 Ubuntu Xenial with Linux 4.14 which is also available for the NanoPi NEO Core.

  • NanoPi NEO Core and NanoPi NEO CORE2 can be purchased at from $7.99 shipping costs Not included. We also have available for both models an expansion board that includes different ports and connectors called Mini Shield.

NanoPi NEO Core Allwinner H5

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