Netac N600S a new 360 GB SSD at minimum price


Interesting offer that we found in Aliexpress for the Netac N600S a 2.5-inch storage unit of a Chinese brand specializing in SSD and other types of storage units. The unit on offer has a capacity of 360 GB, has an aluminum box and the price on this deal is only $53.86 (€46.50) without a doubt a very good price per GB for a unit that we can install on any PC with a free port SATA.

The Netac N600S SSD has a SATA3 interface and according on the brand its 360GB unit can reach speeds of up to 500 MB/ s in reading and up to 400 MB/ s in reading. The type of memory used is TLC and the brand gives a 3-year warranty for errors in the memories and controller.

  • The Netac N600S 360GB capacity SSD can be purchased on for only $53.86 (€46.50) including shipping costs using a discount coupon offered by the Netac store itself.

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