Netflix presents his new certification program “Always Fresh” for Smart TVs

Netflix is ​​always looking for the best user experience at all levels, we recently reviewed its strict selection criteria to give the Netflix certificate to TV-Box and today we echo its new Always Fresh certification program for Smart TV . With this new certification program Netflix takes another step in the quality control that it imposes on manufacturers at the hardware and software level so that the user knows that they will have an optimal experience with this platform.

netflix recommended tv 2019 n01

To receive the seal of Netflix Recommended TV you have to fulfill 5 of the 7 criteria within the following list:

  1. TV Instant On – A quick start is required and you must remember where the user was.
  2. Fast App Launch – Once our TV is turned on, the Netflix app has to start fast.
  3. Netflix Button – The remote control must have a specific button for Netflix.
  4. Easy Netflix Icon Access – The system must have fast access to Netflix on the screen.
  5. Always Fresh – Our TV must perform the updates in the background.
  6. High-res Netflix Interface – High resolution user environment support.
  7. Latest Netflix Version – The system has the latest version of the Netflix app.

As we see the criteria are somewhat ambiguous but it is clear that Netflix wants installed a powerful SoC and good resources of RAM and fast eMMC storage. As we see in the selection of models with the seal of TV Model recommended by Netflix we have medium and high ranges of brands Panasonic, Samsung and Sony only in 2018 we have LG models, although there is still time to add this brand this year.

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