Netflix limits the HD playback on non-certified TV-Boxes, error NW-6-404

It seems that Netflix has decided to block the HD playback in TV-Boxes without an official license and now it shows an error NW-6-404 when starting the Netflix app. This content provider has simply turned off the tap to all the devices that have not gone through their official certification systems (with their corresponding fees) and since a few days this fateful error message appears that eliminates the option to view Netflix in HD quality. Let’s see what alternatives we have, what we can do and what future plans exist for a waited limitation that would arrive at some point.

netflix error nv 6 404 d01


With this message Netflix gives us to understand that we do not comply with the certification specifications required by your service, if you ask directly to the official help service it says that it simply does not support non-certified TV-Boxes. Basically Netflix has its corporate and alliance interests with certified brands that has pushed him to cut HD playback on unofficial devices.


Currently all TV-Box that had support to watch Netflix in FullHD 1080p quality can no longer do it, basically it is the models of Mecool, Nexbox and similar that had DRM license Google Widevine L1. In these models using the Android TV system appears the error message NW-6-404 and can not play any kind of content, we can use that if the normal Android version in SD quality, as explained below.

We will see what the future holds in this type of TV-Box, but it seems that we will not see support for Netflix HD, this company is so big that it does not need to increase the share of devices at the expense of allowing certain licenses endangering their alliances.

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I just don’t understand these companies. I am paying for their services. They aren’t giving anything for free. I already unsubscribed from Amazon Prime on this shit as they say we can watch anywhere… although their definition of anywhere is a little narrow. The service just doesn’t work in my Android TV boxes. Now Netflix? I guess we have to go back to piracy.

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