New Gigabyte Brix mini PC’s with Intel Gemini Lake processors, one of them fanless

Gigabyte presents its new range of mini PCs of the Brix series with a surprise, we find some models with new design of even more compact box, the C Series, with models called Gigabyte Brix GB-BLCE-4105C and GB-BLCE-4000C. With a more classic design and specifications we also have the Gigabyte Brix GB-BLCE-4105 and GB-BLPD-5005 models. The new C series is intended for basic use because as we will see its hardware is more limited than in the classic configuration.

brix gemini c d01

The new Gigabyte Brix GB-BLCE-4105C and GB-BLCE-4000C mini compact PCs have a new design with dimensions of 2.21″ x 4.06″ x 4.59″, somewhat smaller than those we had in the classic design of the Brix. Inside we have Intel Gemini Lake processors in two versions one with the Intel Celeron J4150 Quad Core with 10W TPD and another with the Intel Celeron N4000 Dual core with only 6W TPD that is completely fanless. The operating system supported by default is Windows 10.

brix gemini c n01

These models can only mount a single DDR4 SODIMM module up to 2400 MHz with 8 GB maximum, have a AC Wifi card M.2, support a 2.5 “drive that is mounted on the housing itself and come with a serial plate VESA support. These models that are limited in terms of connections since they only have HDMI 1.4 video output, also have VGA, USB 3.1 Type-C 5 GB, three USB 3.0 Type-A, Gigabit Ethernet, two front audio jack and power side connector.

  • Soon we will have available the Gigabyte Brix GB-BLCE-4105C and GB-BLCE-4000C models in the store for around $90

brix gemini c n02

On the other hand we have the new models Gigabyte Brix GB-BLCE-4105 and GB-BLPD-5005. that have a design identical to the Brix models that were presented a few days ago with the 8th generation Intel processors. In these we have Intel Celeron J4150 Quad Core processors and another with the Intel Pentium Silver J5005 Quad core and we have two slots for RAM DDR4 SODIMM 2400 MHz memory modules which allows us to use it in Dual Channel configuration.

brix gemini normal d01

We also have available slot for an M.2 disk, space to mount a 2.5″ disk at the same time and we have HDMI 2.0 video output which allows us 4K@60fps video resolutions, as we see are more complete models that the new ones with the compact design.With regard to connectors in these models we have in the front two USB 3.1 with transfer speed up to 5 Gbps one Type-C and another Type-A, in the back we have two other USB 3.0 ports, port Intel Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth 4.2, HDMI 2.0 connector plus another miniDP port to connect two monitors at once.

  • Soon we will have available the models Gigabyte Brix GB-BLCE-4105 and GB-BLPD-5005 in the store for about $120

brix gemini normal n02

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