New Google Chromecast with support for 1080p 60fps video

Within the presentation of Google of its new products has been released a new version of Chromecast, a very continuous model that provides little change with respect to Chromecast 2. As we see the most notorious change is in the design that is now more rounded and we are also offered in white, otherwise we have the same cable for the HDMI connection and a single microUSB port to power it electrically.

chromecast 2018 pre d01

This new Chromecast presents as a novelty support for 1080p video at 60fps something that was limited in the previous version to 30fps, it has also included the option to use it within the audio groups as a reproduction point for our streaming, so we can send you content audio directly as in the Chromecast Audio. In addition to these improvements during the presentation has been commented that the system is 15% faster, a fairly generic data that perhaps is for a small hardware improvement.

As we see we do not have very remarkable news, the device is still basically the same and we need to connect with Google Home through our mobile phone to make use of its services as it does not have its own autonomy. If we want to reproduce native 4K content we can always resort to the Google Chromecast Ultra model, a product with a few years already behind them and that still maintains a high price.

  • The new Chromecast for now is only available in the Google Store in US and UK for $ 35 (£ 30).

Chromecast 2018 White n01

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