Nintendo Switch OLED presented by surprise but without 4K

It has just been presented by surprise the new Nintendo Switch OLED the expected renewal of this best-selling Nintendo console, however it disappoints in some aspect such as video resolution.

The main asset of this new version is its OLED screen that in addition to providing a great visual quality grows to 7 inches, something we will appreciate. The Nintendo Switch OLED does not increase its overall size, since despite having a larger screen, the frames are considerably reduced and the size of the original version is maintained. The resolution does not seem to be increased despite speculation, and we continue with a 720p panel and output from the dock 1080p.

nintendo Switch OLED

The improvements do not stop here, as the storage memory is doubled to 64 GB from 32 GB of the previous version. We also find a RJ45 network connector, better audio and a rear support on the console screen. There is no news about improvements in its Tegra SoC, although we do not rule out some slight improvement in this regard if we have any new revision of this chip.

nintendo Switch OLED soc

The Joycons, by the way now also available in white color and other accessories are compatible between the two versions of Nintendo Switch. The battery of the Nintendo Switch OLED has the same battery life as the previous version, between 4.5 and 9 hours and we continue with the 3 game modes.

Pricing and availability

  • The new Nintendo Switch OLED will be available globally from October 8, 2021 for $349.99 (€349.99) a price not far from the original Nintendo Switch that is around $299.

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