Nokia Game Controller 5000, a Gamepad designed for Android

The Nokia brand has presented its new accessory for its streaming devices, the new Nokia Game Controller 5000.

A Gamepad that offers as a novelty the integration of six-axis gyroscope and two vibration motors to bring more action to our games. This game controller connects via Bluetooth to simplify pairing with any system and it is possible to use it with any Android device, such as a Nokia Smart TV or Nokia Streaming Box. With a single tap of the Game Controller’s Google Assistant button you can effortlessly navigate menus or search for the latest games.

Nokia Game Controller 5000

Nokia Game Controller 5000, immersive gaming experience

The two built-in vibration motors ensure a particularly intense gaming experience with haptic feedback. With the help of an integrated six-axis gyroscope (sensor technology for motion control), players can navigate or target simply by moving the controller. Motion control is not only more accurate but also faster compared to navigating with an analog stick or the directional buttons.

Effortless control

Thanks to its ergonomic design and a playing time of up to 14 hours with a single charge, nothing stands in the way of a gaming marathon with the Nokia Game Controller 5000. The hand-flattering design and sculpted surface allow for control that is as precise as it is comfortable. This ensures perfect grip and high comfort during extended gaming sessions.

Nokia Game Controller 5000 android

Wide compatibility

The new Game Controller is compatible with all Android devices, such as Nokia Smart TVs and Streaming Devices. Bluetooth connectivity plus a USB cable allow for an easy pairing that guarantees fast game fun without time-consuming connection problems. Switching between devices also works smoothly. The package includes the controller, a USB-C charging cable (fully charged within two hours), a USB connector for pairing with a computer, and a Quickstart guide.

Smart voice control

Voice-activated Google Assistant puts an end to typing letters on the remote control: with the Nokia Game Controller 5000, simply press the Google Assistant button on the device to search for games or control navigation by voice. Via Google, you can find your own favorite games or receive recommendations to match your mood.

Pricing and availability

  • The Nokia Game Controller 5000 is available online from Streamview and Amazon at a recommended price of €49.90.
  • Only available in Europe.

Nokia Game Controller 5000 android tv

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