NVIDIA GeForce Now has official support for the Chrome browser on Windows and Mac

The NVIDIA GeForce NOW game streaming service is slowly gaining compatible games and more platforms where to run it, and today we have an important breakthrough with the official support to use it on Google Chrome browser.

Since the announcement a few weeks ago of the support of this platform on Chromebook it was quite obvious its next step, to be able to run it in a Chrome browser on any platform. Today we can already launch this system in both Windows and macOS systems using this popular browser, for now it is in beta on its dedicated website, but it is quite stable.

Until now the only way to run the NVIDIA GeForce NOW service on a computer was through its official application that required downloading and installation. Now with this new method we do not require another app installed on our OS, it is only necessary to enter the service website, access with our GeForce NOW user and launch the games we want, certainly a more comfortable and simple experience. It is still in BETA phase and for now NVIDIA recommends using the classic app.

We must remember that for now the NVIDIA GeForce NOW service has a totally free option, we can play free-to-play titles as popular as Fortnite and some demos of current games at no cost. We can also play on any computer the titles we already have purchased on stores like Steam, Epic Games, UPlay, GOG or Origin.

  • Launch GeForce NOW in Chrome from the web: play.geforcenow.com
  • Free Mode: Free limited access to availability and session duration of 1 hour, but if we close and open to restarts.
  • Founders Mode: Priority access with extended session duration and RTX enabled for $24.95 / €27.45 for six months.

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