NVIDIA Shield Experience 8.0.1 with improvements for 4K streaming

NVIDIA Shield TV is possibly the Android device with the best and longest support that has ever existed. Today we have available a new firmware NVIDIA Shield Experience 8.0.1 based on the Android TV 9 Pie system and includes important corrections such as a new audio interface and corrections for 4K streaming.

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nvidia shield android 9 pie n01


– Redesigns Volume UI for android P
– Resolves occasional video playback issues
– Fixes bug with IR volume control when accessibility features enabled
– Resolves system navigation sound lower than android O
– Resolves “Drive address format is not valid” message seen when connecting to NAS
– Resolves USB DAC issue where audio volume would be set low after reboot/DAC hotplug
– Resolves issue where side loaded apps appear as system apps

-“Match content color space” feature now displays correct format
– Fixes bug where “Match content color space” would not work when display set to Rec709 by default
– Resolves issue playing VC1 content

– Resolves Sdcard/InternalStorage accessibility issue when adopting storage
– Resolves issue where storage is reported as full when using NVIDIA share after adopting storage

– Improves 4K streaming issues when network connected over Wifi
– Resolves rare Wi-Fi disconnect issue
– Fixes bug where manual DNS entries would not be saved

– Improves IR control reliability on some Denon and Sony receivers
– Improves SHIELD Remote App connection and control issues
– Resolves SHIELD Controller 2017 OTA stability issues
– Fixes issue where forgotten SHIELD accessories still appear in SHIELD accessory list
– Resolves automatic centering issues on some controllers
– Adds support for STRQUA G20 keymapping
– Resolves mouse issues in PUBG Mobile on SHIELD

– Fixes Google Play Store crashes issue
– Restores option to set default launcher

Open Known Issues
– YouTube 5.1 PCM audio not available
– Launcher app Icons appear zoomed/cropped
– Unable to re-enable location services being disabled
– TV loses sync HDMI sync to SHIELD during modesets (power on, wake from sleep, refresh/resolution changes)
– HD Audio dropouts
– USB DAC passthrough not working in Kodi
– Rare Netflix stutter issue
– Disconnect when connecting to SHIELD from PC
– Failure during 2015 Controller firmware update

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