NVIDIA Shield Experience 8.2 for all models with significant changes

Today we have a new official NVIDIA Shield Experience 8.2 firmware available for the NVIDIA Shield TV 2019 model. Without a doubt these are the AndroidTV devices with the best and longest support that has ever existed. This new firmware based on the Android TV 9 Pie system a lot of corrections and adds important new features. In the Pro 2019 model we have support for IA 4K scaling up to 60fps, we add SAMBA V3 support and improved permissions in NAS writing for all the apps installed in the system.

nvidia shield android 9 pie n01


  • Includes Android security patch level June 2020
  • Adds SMBv3 support for a faster, more secure connection to SHIELD over a local network
  • Restores surround sound audio while casting
  • Allows users to grant write access to NAS from installed apps
  • Adds ability to convert local HDR video content to SDR displays
  • Adds option to disable volume lowering when “OK Google” is detected on a Google Home device
  • Restores Bluetooth LDAC support for supported headphones

Full changelog

AI Upscaling:

2019 SHIELD Pro: Adds support for AI-enhanced upscaling for up to 60Hz content
Adds AI upscaling resolution support from 360p to 1440p content (30Hz max for 1440p upscaling)


SHIELD Remote 2019: Adds 2 new customizable menu button actions: Double press and Long press
Adds the following customized menu button options

Select Input Source (requires IR)
Send long press menu button to app
Adds developer option to turn off auto-pairing of factory paired accessories
Adds IR volume control support for projectors
SHIELD 2015/2017: Adds ‘Match frame rate (beta)’ feature to quick settings and customized menu button


Allows user selection of audio output device (in Advanced sound settings)
Improves IR and CEC volume control behavior
Adds IR volume control when using Google home paired with SHIELD (requires IR volume control)
Adds IR volume control when using SHIELD TV app (requires IR volume control)
SHIELD Controller 2017 & SHIELD Remote 2017/2019: Allows IR volume control to work when SHIELD is not awake.
Adds fixed volume support for USB DAC
Adds option to disable volume lowering when “OK Google” is detected on Google Home devices (under Volume Control)


Adds ability for Kodi to adjust display resolution for 480p content
Adds HDR to SDR color tone mapping


Adds SMBv3 server compatibility for connecting to SHIELD over local network (removes Plex Media Server dependency)
NALA SHIELD 2015 model: Adds DFS WiFi channel support
Allows user to grant write access to NAS from installed apps (Apps -> Special app access)


Adds developer option to aggressively free system resources (Proactive kill background process)
Removes forced SHIELD Experience upgrade after factory reset
SHIELD Wireless Controller (2017) Firmware 1.34
SHIELD Remote (2017) Firmware 1.43
SHIELD Remote (2019) Firmware 1.12

Bug Fixes


Restores surround sound audio while casting
Fixes bug where music would not play if display was turned off
Resolves audio connectivity issues when pairing with LDAC compatible headsets
Adds surround sound support for SoundBlaster X-Fi surround 5.1 pro v3
Restores support for 96kHz/192kHz TrueHD and DTS-HD MA audio passthrough
Resolves audio dropout issue when transcoding Dolby audio to AC3
Resolves system hang instances when USB DAC is connected
Resolves audio issues when listening to Dolby content on headphones
Fixes audio dropout issues when playing high bitrate and TrueHD 7.1 content
Resolves bug where USB microphone would not be detected properly
Fixes bug where system sounds would not be present after sleep/wake cycles
SHIELD 2015/2017: Fixes bug when using Google Home where volume would be reduced but not restored


Resolves issue detecting Dolby Vision on Vizio or Panasonic TVs when connecting through Samsung soundbars
Removes BT.2020 signaling on standard Dolby Vision displays
Fixes crash bug when enabling/disabling “Match Color Space” setting in Netflix
Fixes bug where selected custom display modes would not be visible in the “Resolution” list
Resolves issues where AI upscaling incorrectly detects some video content as “unsupported”
SHIELD 2015/2017: Fixes bug where some VC-1 encoded video would not play properlyFixes SHIELD 2015/2017: Fixes stutter issue observed when playing interlaced video for ~15 minutes
SHIELD 2015/2017: Resolves issue where SHIELD loses TV sync on mode set (e.g. power on, wake, refresh/resolution changes)


Resolves WiFi disconnect issues when SHIELD sleeps or when connecting to mesh routers
Fixes issue where NAS would not be connected after reboot
Resolves reporting issue where status would show up as “Unavailable” when mounting NAS
Resolves issue where Mac users could not access SD card content from local network


Increases IR volume control speed for SHIELD Remote 2019
Resolves issue where 2019 remote becomes unresponsive after some period of time
Fixes bug where IR/CEC volume control would not work if using a button remapper
Fixes bug where IR control would not work in Restricted Mode
Fixes pairing issues with 2015 SHIELD controller
Fixes bug where notification would be displayed while pairing SHIELD accessories
Fixes bug where customized menu button default setting would not work properly on Kodi
Fixes issue where “OK Google” detection settings would not be visible after language change
Fixes bug where connected Bluetooth devices with lose pairing after rebooting SHIELD
Resolves Bluetooth pairing issues for JBL and AKG devices
Adds alternate Bluetooth pairing mode for devices with pairing issues
Restores home button functionality when pairing XBOX One Bluetooth controller
Resolves disconnect issues with paired DualShock 4 controllers
Resolves Bluetooth pairing issues when accessibility services are enabled
Resolves xbox one series 2 pairing information being lost and corrupting pairing information for other devices


Resolves issue where some apps would not be available on Google Play Store for certain SHIELD devices
Fixes audio stutter issue when launching Netflix
Resolves issue where newly added files would not be visible on external storage until reboot
Fixes bug where twitch streaming would not start
Fixes PLEX playback issue when playing TrueHD content
Fixes bug where SHIELD would not enter daydream mode when paused in Netflix
Resolves issue where low battery warning would show up after replacing batteries
Removes incorrectly displayed IR setup popup on Phillips TVs
Resolves Live Channels app issue where closed captioning was not available
Adds IR/CEC volume setup notification while casting
Fixes instances where casting would crash if IR volume control was enabled
Fixes bug where screenshots were limited to 1080p resolutions

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