NVIDIA Shield TV Pro and NVIDIA Shield TV Stick new models with Tegra X1+ SoC

The long-awaited and rumored new models of NVIDIA Shield TV have already seen the light thanks to a couple of leaks in the stores, two models that renew this popular Android TV that has been a success in sales and enjoys excellent support. The new models are the NVIDIA Shield TV Pro that updates the classic format of this device and the NVIDIA Shield TV Stick with a much more compact cylindrical design and smaller hardware. Both models incorporate the new SoC Tegra X1+ that is 25% more powerful, possibly by a reduction in its manufacturing process that would shift from 20nm to 14nm, further has added support Dolby Vision HDR and surely hide Any more updates.

Nvidia Shield TV 2019 d01

NVIDIA Shield TV Pro

With the name NVIDIA Shield TV Pro we have a new model that follows the lines of the already known format of the current NVIDIA Shield  TV 2017, at the level of specifications continues with 3GB of RAM and 16GB of storage memory. In general is almost identical, it only differs in the new and more powerful Tegra X1 + SoC, new Wifi chip with Bluetooth 5.0 support and the addition of Dolby Vision HDR support.

The physical measurements of the console are exactly the same although we have a new remote control with a more conventional design than the old one. With the new Tegra X1+ chip with its 25% efficiency improvement will also affect thermals with better results.

  • The price of the new NVIDIA Shield TV Pro is about $200 and its departure is expected on October 28.

NVIDIA Shield TV Pro 02

NVIDIA Shield TV Stick

On the other hand we have the new NVIDIA Shield TV in Stick or Dongle format that surprises us with its small cylindrical design. In this case we have a physical limitation to add connectors and we only have only one USB Type-C port, power connector, Gigabit Ethernet port and HDMI 2.0 video output, internal storage is also reduced to 8GB.

This Nvidia Stick also mounts a Tegra X1+ SoC but due to its compact size it may have a somewhat lower top speed to keep temperatures at bay. At the level of use it seems that it will be exactly the same as the NVIDIA Shield Pro and includes the new remote control.

  • The price of the NVIDIA Shield TV Stick is $199 and it is expected to depart in late October.

Nvidia Shield TV dongle 03

NVIDIA Shield 2019 controller

The new remote for the Nvidia Shield TV 2019 models if it has undergone a radical change, the annoying touch control for the volume has been eliminated by replacing it with a classic solution with keys for each of its functions. Also we have a direct access button to Netflix, an obligation that this company imposes on the devices that are certified for this service and is powered by two AAA batteries. The Bluetooth controller also includes a microphone for Google Assistant, back light that is activated with motion detection, IR emitter and a system to find it in case we have lost it or it has been stolen by our cat.

NVIDIA Shield TV remote 01

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