NVidia unveils its 65-inch 4K monitor with integrated NVidia Shield TV at CES

NVidia has presented in this CES a new and unexpected product, a 65″ 4K monitor, this time we had not had any kind of leaks. NVidia presents us with a market oriented product for gamers that also includes in its inside an NVidia Shield TV with what we will have a complete autonomous multimedia center with Android TV as operating system and with which we can enjoy streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube or HBO at full resolution.

Nvidia Shield monitor 4K

This time NVidia does not go alone, in his new adventure goes hand in hand with important companies such as ACER, ASUS and HP that are no doubt waiting to see how the market welcomes this new product. The monitor that is within the range BFGD (Big Format Gaming Displays), its a 65″ monitor with 4K resolution, a refresh rate that reaches 120Hz, has support for HDR, 1000 nits of local backlight, low latency and a color gamut DCI-P3. Naturally we can connect this beast to any PC or console and we we have the plus of being able to use the platform of GForce Now integrated in the Nvidia Shield TV.

This monitor will be available during the next summer, although of course it will not be exactly cheap. We will see how can survive when the new screens with HDMI 2.1 connection will come a standard with vertical synchronization technology for games by default.

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