Oclean F1 electric toothbrush and Oclean W1 dental water flosser at the best price

Today we have special offers from Oclean for the Oclean F1 sonic electric toothbrush and the Oclean W1 portable dental water flosser. Two products that provide good performance in their sector.

For these two products, we have specific discount coupons that allow us to save some money with the purchase. For the Oclean F1 sonic electric toothbrush we also have a free set of 4 extra brushes (for a total of 8) to use on a daily basis. The Oclean W1 portable dental water flosser is available in two colors, and we have a discount of up to -10$.

oclean f1

Oclean F1

The new Oclean F1 electric toothbrush has a nice compact design, has a speed of 36000 rpm and a brush head with 3D designed bristles. We have high customization of brushing that has 3 modes and only 60db noise level. Also have a LED with 3 levels to indicate the active working mode. It integrates a fast charging system that gives us up to 30 days on standby, the brush has a 2 in 1 charger with stand and 4 extra brush head refills + 4 extra as a gift.

  • The Oclean F1 wtih 4 + 4 brush heads is available for only $39.99 using coupon CAREF1.

oclean f1 Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Oclean W1

In these deals we also have the Oclean W1 smart oral irrigator which offers us a powerful water jet, with a frequency of up to 15000 cycles of hair. The new standard high-pressure air pump compresses the air to 140Kpa* and releases it in an instant of 0.14 seconds to increase the impulse of 33% to penetrate the gap between the teeth, remove the food residue and dental plaque. This device has 9 levels of intensity professional adjustment, has a app for personalized settings and a built-in SoC smart chip that record your every punch data, with Bluetooth 4.0 can connect the mobile APP to personalize the settings.

oclean w1

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