Oclean Z1, new sonic electric toothbrush with 30 day battery life

Today we have special offers from Oclean for the new Oclean Z1 sonic electric toothbrush, a product that allows us to maintain our dental hygiene at the highest level.

An electric toothbrush that offers us a high cleaning power and that we can comfortably take anywhere. This brush has an internal rechargeable battery with an autonomy of up to 30 days. No doubt we can use it on any trip of weeks without having to look for a plug, something practical in many circumstances. Now with the offer offered by Oclean we can get it at the best possible price,

oclean z1 deal

Oclean Z1 specifications

The new Oclean Z1 electric toothbrush has a nice compact design, has a speed of 40000 rpm and a brush head with good designed bristles with a 220 gfcm. We have high customization of brushing that has 32 Intensities levels with low noise level, with the app we can use 15 brushing plans and more than 100 customization plans. Also have a LED with 3 levels to indicate the active working mode, this electric toothbrush also have timer for 2 minutes and a 30 seconds reminder.

The battery capacity in the new Oclean Z1 offer us a 30 daily use life, inside we have an 800 mAh rechargeable battery that is charged with a 5V 1A magnetic base for 2h recharging time. This electric toothbrush have eight bristles Dupont Tynex included, we can buy more separately.

Also, to control our brushing plans, we have the Oclean app to select any brushing program. This app is compatible with iOS 9.0 and Android 5.0 or above, we only need to connect using the Bluetooth pairing system.

Price an availability

  • The Oclean Z1 is in flash offer for US & other country at $34.99 and for Germany at €34.99.
  • $5 discount for $99 purchase with the code: OC1105
  • $10 discount for $129 purchase with the code: OC1110
  • $15 discount for $169 purchase with the code: OC1115
  • Offer available from Nov 10th to Nov 14th

oclean z1

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