One Netbook One Mix 3 Pro the first UMPC to use an Intel 10th generation processor

Today we present a new UMPC (ultra mobile PC) called One Netbook One Mix 3 Pro that surprises us with a 10th generation Intel processor specifically the Intel Core i5-10210Y model. A processor with minimum consumption that now has four cores and eight threads, in the graphic aspect we continue with the same GPU as in previous generations.

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Processor, RAM and storage

In this One Netbook One Mix 3 Pro model we have a powerful Intel Core i5-10210Y low-power processor that has four cores and eight threads of execution with a speed that reaches up to 4 GHz and with integrated GPU lntel HD Graphics 615 with a speed up to 1 GHz. This processor has a consumption of only 7W TPD has an active fan inside to keep temperatures at bay in such a compact size. As for memory we have 16 GB of LPDDR3 RAM and 512 GB internal storage in PCIe SSD format that will give us good speeds.

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Screen and other features

This model have a 8.4-inch IPS touch screen with a resolution of 2560×1600 pixels in 16:10 format and that we can rotate 360º in Yoga format to work as if it were a tablet. It is compatible with Stylus that has 4096 levels of pressure so we will have a good pressure. At the wireless connectivity level it includes an internal adapter with WiFi ac Dual Band and Bluetooth 4.0. In terms of connectivity we have a 3.5mm audio jack, a USB Type-C port, a microHDMI video output and a USB 3.0 connector. The battery is 8600 mAh that we can use as a powerbank.

This small laptop has a QWERTY keyboard, in the center it has an optical touch control system and fingerprint reader for security unlock. The measurements are 204 x 129 x 15 mm, the weight of its body made of CNC aluminum is 650gr and the operating system installed by default is Windows 10.

Price and availability

  • One Netbook One Mix 3 Pro can be purchased at only for $983.99 (€888), shipping included with Stylus and carrying case included in the kit using the Mix3ProSetF discount coupon.

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