Pad 5 Max, the scam tablet with Snapdragon 888 and 12 GB of RAM (Updated)

Scam attempts are common in some online stores and today looking for news on AliExpress we stumbled upon the Pad 5 Max tablet in several stores.

This is a tablet that already surprises us with its design, very similar to the Xiaomi Pad 5 and Pad 5 Pro. The thing does not end here and is that in terms of specifications, the Pad 5 Max is even superior to the Xiaomi, as we see that according to advertising includes a powerful SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, my goodness.

The thing does not end here, since its specifications continue to be top in other aspects, because we have nothing less than 12 GB of RAM, 512 GB of storage memory, 5G connectivity and a 10.1-inch screen with 2.5K resolution.

Pad 5 Max

Pad 5 Max specifications (fake)

As we have seen we have some dizzying specifications for a price of only $179, a special price for the unwary, since it is IMPOSSIBLE to buy a tablet with these specifications for this price. No doubt we will receive a tablet with much lower specifications, the system will be modified to show missing data from its SoC (possibly an old Mediatek at 28nm), RAM, storage and operating system.

Misrepresentation of data is a very common technique to deceive buyers with little technical knowledge who get carried away by a great price and misleading advertising.

The best way to avoid these frauds is to detect them before buying, but if we get something fake it is best not to talk to the seller and directly open a claim to AliExpress, attaching all kinds of videos and screenshots. This is the best way to proceed, because with AliExpress policy against fakes we can receive up to 100% refund of the product received.

Price and availability

  • Aliexpress removed some stores but appears more, if anyone has been scammed they can contact customer service and claim their money back to recover 100%.
  • The Pad 5 Max/Pro with Qualcomm SOC are scam DON’T BUY IT.
  • Any tablet with Qualcomm Snapdragon SOC with no brad like Xiaomi, TCL or Lenovo… is an SCAM.

Pad 5

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Jimmy Shoeshibe

Would be interesting if true specs can be shared? These stores have only 5/5 reviews… And many! How is that possible!

Roth Sovath

Ram 3.74GB Storage 24.8GB Android 8.1.0 (8.1.0) Resolution 800 x 1280. Poor quality camera, battery drains fast, cannot update to latest version, it is fixed, reviews are also fixed, and of course there’s many people who does not know about the product they purchased, everything seems fine at the beginning so they leave a positive review like I did but did not realize it until 2 months later, I changed my review and the seller was upset about it. OFFICIAL TAB Store has been shutdown. I’ve contact customer service many times included with link to this article and it was… Read more »


Omg im so happy to read this before I purchase it. Thank you ❤

Roth Sovath

Good for you! Unfortunately I’m a bit late for my refund because I waited too long, but I’m still reporting to make sure this store stay shutdown.


Contact with the Aliexpress help center and explain the situation, send this link article.

Roth Sovath

I’ve contact customer service before, and it was escalated to a higher team, although they sent me an email to contact the seller. But now I’m going to try it again because the tablet is dead it’s less than 4 months, and yes I will use this link this time thank you.


Open a dispute and explain is a fake product with this link, refund will be 100%.


Hello where is the link for refund? Plz thanks

Roth Sovath

I have many times already still no refund because I’m 2 months late.

Roth Sovath

They got me too, but I’m a bit slow due to my depression, after 2 month I can no longer open a dispute, The store that I bought from is now shut down or suspended, So I contact customer service a couple days ago and the live chat agent said no worries she will handle this for me, she said she will find the best solution and contact me through my email within 24 to 74 hours, as I wait for my solution I also contact the seller and the seller offer me a 30% refund if I give a… Read more »


I bought it, opened a dispute at Aliexpress. Result: No refund at all.


You send videos and aida screenshots with the fake specs? This is a scam.

Steinar Tolleshaug

Good news.
I sent an appeal to the no refund decsion with screenshots as well as link to this article. Now they have changed their mind and give me full refund. Thanks for help with tip.

Great. Glad to help. Have a nice day.


I recently fell for this s**t. Should have read this article before purchasing. I thought there was some type of an online sale.


Open a dispute and claim the 100% money back, don’t send back the product.
Use this article link in your dispute too, document with aida64 captures.

Edvard Myslick

Thank you for this investigation

My pleasure. If you spot another suspicious scam of this kind, comment here, we will alert Aliexpress.


Report as a scam


Hi Kim, I just purchased this a few days ago & the seller has shipped it, is this tablet also a scam.


Yes, is a fake.
Open a dispute using this links.
100% money back, no return.


lol did you even tested it


I don’t need to test it, it’s a scam.

Sean Quirke

It says on there in some cases that it’s a snapdragon 860 or 870. Then it says it’s a decacore chipset. Both those top snapdragon 8 series are octacore not decacore chipsets. Decacore chipsets are old mediatek trash typically sold in tablets sold on the likes of wish or geek. I can’t believe that AliExpress allow this to go on. It’s absolutely scandalous.